• Gifford Village Design Statement

    Gifford Village Design Statement

    In 2004, Hadas asked Ian arnott and Andrew Gilmore, long time residents in Gifford and members of the Hadas committee to prepare a document that would provide an account and statement of significance of the history and townscape of Gifford. A first draft was prepared in 2005 and finally published as the Gifford Village DesignRead More »
  • Haddington Town Centre Vision Project

    Haddington Town Centre Vision Project

    Download the Vision DocumentsHaddington vision main document 1Haddington vision assets and markets appendix 2Haddington vision consultation appendix 3Haddington vision places and spaces appendix 4With a struggling town centre, Hadas brought together the key organisations in the town to form the Haddington Town Centre Vision Committee, led by our chairman Andrew Robinson. The Committee appointed consultants,Read More »
  • Haddington Festival

    Haddington Festival

    Since 1997 Hadas and its members have contributed to the Haddington Festival. In 1997 photographs past and present were presented for an exhibition ‘Haddington Remembered’ which was organised by Neil Fraser. Nigel Tranter gave a talk to co-incide with the Festival in 1998 along with an exhibition about the work of Hadas. Roger Kirby, IanRead More »
  • Slezer’s engraving of Haddington

    Slezer’s engraving of Haddington

    In 2000, faced with fighting the Briery Bank housing development, Hadas arranged for the production of plates illustrated with Slezer’s engraving of Haddington. Cards, a calendar and prototype Haddington Board Game were printed for sale.Read More »
  • The Trees of Haddington

    The Trees of Haddington

    Dr Roger Kirby combined his love of trees and the environment of Haddington to prepare a booklet ‘The trees of Haddington and District’ in 2001 with the help of funds from a Millennium Lottery Grant. The booklet provides details of the many significant trees in the Burgh which are all documented with supporting location plans.Read More »
  • Restoration of St Marys gates, railings and boundary walls

    Restoration of St Marys gates, railings and boundary walls

    This first significant project for Hadas, was organised by committee members, Roger Kirby, Bob Heath and Andrew Gilmore. Researching historic plans and records provided the details for the original gate and railing patterns to be copied and reproduced. Coupled with restoration of the stone boundary walls the new wrought iron gates and railings make aRead More »
  • The Ball Alley Memorial Lime Trees

    The Ball Alley Memorial Lime Trees

    An opportunity to apply for Civic Pride Funding from East Lothian Council led to a Hadas proposal to replace a missing Lime tree in Ball Alley. The tree was planted by the then Provost Sheena Richardson accompanied by our chairman Andrew Robinson along with Graham Duncan in 2012.The row of nine Lime trees are saidRead More »
  • Restoration of Neilson Park Gates

    Restoration of Neilson Park Gates

    Hadas committee member Roger Kirby assisted East Lothian Council with the restoration of the northern gateway to Neilson Park in 2011.The gateway with its magnificent archway provided the setting for the launch with Hadas, East Lothian Council and children from the nearby Kingsmeadow school.Read More »