Hadas is currently working with Musselburgh Conservation Society to push for improvements to the planning system and in particular to the future planning of East Lothian. We consider the current proposals for signifiant housing expansion is not considering the best interests and future of our County.

You can view some of our letters and correspondence via PDF links.

A society initiated from a network meeting of like minded groups and subsequently created by the threat of significant change for the town, Hadas has provided a systematic consideration of all planning applications affecting the town and surrounding villages and countryside since 1996. Andrew Robinson, Ian Arnott, Roger Kirby, Bob Heath, Neil Fraser, Peter Stephen and more recently Bill Rarity has drawn awareness to these changes for the Committee and Hadas members. Letters of representation are prepared by Hadas that highlight issues we have felt should be addressed by the Local Planning Authority in its consideration and assessment of the plans and proposals that are used to prepare recommendations to the Planning Committee who make the final decision.

Significant planning considerations include:

• East Lothian Council’s Traffic and Environmental Study in 2001 which eventually led to the introduction of the one way traffic system in the town centre.

• Hadas originally objected to the proposals for new housing development on land at Briery Bank on the basis that it would harm the character of the town and specifically the context of the River Tyne. Although the housing was approved, Hadas committee led by Brian Young were able to work with the Local Planning Authority and the developer, CALA Homes to improve the final urban and landscape arrangement, which is now considered to be housing of a relatively high quality and makes an important contribution to the towns urban area.

• In 2005 Hadas participated in the Local Plan Inquiry for the East Lothian Local Plan, which was eventually approved in 2008.

• A part of this process, Hadas committee appointed Legal Counsel to represent its objections to East Lothian Council’s proposals to include land at Letham for housing expansion in Haddington in 2007-8. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in fending off the proposals.

• Hadas has been at the forefront of Haddington’s battles over the years with corporate supermarket proposals, including Tesco and Sainsbury’s
Having proved its significance in campaigning for quality development outcomes and the protection of the towns historic fabric, Hadas are regularly invited to represent the town on groups and forums.

• From 2010 to 2016 Hadas was represented on the Haddington Town Centre Advisory Group (HTCAG) by its committee members Helen Robertson and Brian Young. The group sat alongside representatives from the Community Council and other Haddington organisations to consider proposals developed from East Lothian Council’s Town Centre Strategy. The strategy gave direction to Conservation Area Regeneration grant funding (CAR’s) awarded to Haddington by Historic Scotland to help improve the buildings in the town centre. Central to the Strategy was the Lottery Funded John Gray Centre redevelopment, which has grown to become a significant assets for the town.

• Hadas’s role in the realisation of the Vision Project for Haddington Town Centre was one of the societies most significant contributions to the town to date.  You can read it here


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