Development changes in East Lothian are governed by the East Lothian Local Plan and the Strategic Plan for the Region, which is currently set out in SESplan, prepared by the Scottish Government in associated with Edinburgh, Lothian, Borders and Fife Authorities.

The current adopted East Lothian Local Plan was approved in 2008. An updated version, The East Lothian Local Development Plan was approved for consultation in 2016.

Details can be found on East Lothian Council’s Planning pages on their web site

These Plans outline how towns and villages can change, essentially where development can take place and also set out a series of policies that indicate how changes can happen (areas and features that are protected and the way changes should be designed and will ultimately be assessed by the Local Planning Authority).

Hadas prepares responses to all of these documents. The details are all held as public documents and PDF’s shown below:

Strategic Development Plan final comments 231116