The Ball Alley Memorial Lime Trees

An opportunity to apply for Civic Pride Funding from East Lothian Council led to a Hadas proposal to replace a missing Lime tree in Ball Alley. The tree was planted by the then Provost Sheena Richardson accompanied by our chairman Andrew Robinson along with Graham Duncan in 2012.

The row of nine Lime trees are said to represent the nine trade guilds of Haddington which flourished from 16th to early 19th century. These trees are located along the historic routeway between the town centre and the parish church, and are important commemorative symbols.

None of the original trees remain. Today, the largest of the Lime trees date from about 1900; the smaller trees are more recent replacements. East Lothian Council is responsible for managing all amenity trees in public areas.

Top row: Masons (stone workers), Wrights (makers or builders), Wabsters (weavers ). Middle Row: Hammermen (metal workers), Skinners (leather makers), Cordiners (shoe makers). Bottom Row:Baxters (bakers) Fleshers (butchers), Tailors (made clothes).