Gifford Village Design Statement

In 2004, Hadas asked Ian arnott and Andrew Gilmore, long time residents in Gifford and members of the Hadas committee to prepare a document that would provide an account and statement of significance of the history and townscape of Gifford. A first draft was prepared in 2005 and finally published as the Gifford Village Design Statement (GVDS) in 2014.

The aim was to document what villagers loved and cherished about their village and to identify qualities that should be protected. The GVDS was prepared with details that would ensure people living in Gifford had a stronger voice in the planning process and to support and reinforce the role of the Community Council when consulted by the Local Planning Authority about changes and proposals.

The inclusion of information about the statutory process is intended to enable villagers to respond in an informed way to planning and development proposals in Gifford; reflecting the Scottish Governments wish to encourage community engagement in the planning system.

Launch of the Gifford Village Design Statement (L-R, Andrew Gilmore, Karen Stevenson, Ian Arnott)