AGM and Frank Tindall Lecture 2018

Hugh Buchanan Poster

Frank Tindal Lecture 2018

This year our Commemorative Frank Tindall lecture will be given by Hugh Buchanan, the distinguished watercolourist. Hugh has chosen, as his subject: “Pastiche or Of its Time – an artistconsiders the state of contemporary architecture in an historic context.”

Having discussed with him, in advance of the lecture, his themes I have no doubt that we are in for an enjoyable and challenging evening. At a time when we are concerned about the quality of new building and places his choice of subject is most timely.

The lecture will take place in Haddington Town House on Wednesday 24 October immediately after a short AGM which will be held at 7.15pm. Refreshments will be served.

Members will be aware that over the last 15 years we have remembered Frank Tindall through the Memorial Lectures. The inaugural lecture was given by the late Charles McKean in which he described Haddington’s town form as a “fortress against the wind” – and last year David Sim delivered a widely praised lecture on the Human Scale in Architecture.