As agreed at our final AGM at the end of October last year our remaining funds on dissolution will 
go towards the cost of replacing the front door at Haddington House. 
As you probably know Haddington House has been undergoing a major refurbishment and the 6 
office suites are now fully let and ready for occupation in April. The rental income will enable the 
Lamp of Lothian to continue its work in conservation. It is appropriate, given our own objectives, 
that we should be able assist in this way.
The photograph below shows the new doors in place. They are exact replicas in appearance 
of those they have replaced but are constructed to meet modern security standards. A small 
plaque will be put in place to record HADAS’ contribution.
The refurbishment is impressive.The basement floor of the house now accommodates up to date 
electronics required to service the office suites. The offices themselves have been carefully 
designed to ensure that there is minimal intrusion in meeting contemporary requirements. 
Conservation in the true sense of the word. The setting of course is exceptional. The views 
across to St Marys across the gardens are magnificent. 
Jenny Harper, the recently appointed chair of the Lamp, has project managed the refurbishment. 
Rarely can a recently appointed Chair have been required to step up to the plate in this way so 
soon after taking office. Karen Stevenson and I have been invited to attend a celebration of the 
completion of the refurbishment at the end of March.
Andrew Robinson
(former Chair of HADAS)

Latest News

‘Andrew Robinson, Chair, and the committee of Haddington and District Amenity Society (HADAS) advise with regret and sadness that the Society will be closing. Members unanimously supported the move to delegate the responsibility for administering arrangements for the closure (the minutes of the 2019 AGM are available here). The website will be removed in June, when the Society will formally close.

The Society is grateful for all the generous support it has received from its members and is pleased to celebrate the achievements which have contributed to the protection and enhancement of Haddington and its surrounding villages’.
HADAS Committee

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